Video and Instructor-led Training to help you take on Pro Services.

Includes templates, videos, and resources that shortcut you to the a-ha moment.

Crave more hands-on guidance with accountability & feedback? Check out our Workshops & Coaching instead.

Training Course Summary:

1. Pro Services Foundations 101:
  • The ABCs of Professional Services in B2B SaaS.

  • Building a robust Pro Services Team from the ground up.

  • Effective cross-functional communication strategies.

2. PS Pricing Made Simple:
  • Decoding the pricing puzzle for your services.

  • Value-based pricing strategies that resonate with clients.

  • Overcoming common pricing hurdles.

3. OfferGenius:
  • Crafting irresistible offers that hook clients.

  • The science and art of packaging your services.

  • Positioning your services for maximum market appeal.

4. Pro Serv Launch Guide:
  • The step-by-step roadmap to launching your services.

  • Navigating common launch challenges with ease.

  • Ensuring a smooth take-off for your service offerings.

5. Custom Training
  • Tailor made training content that meets you where you are at.