About Me & UnlockTheROI™

We believe Service Strategy should be based on dream outcomes (and not hope and dreams).

A favorite memory was when our customer perked up and said 'Wait... you handle ALL THAT?! 👀' Blown away that we had taken the time to solve certification, training, program management, and even the hardware needs.

We knew we were on to something when 100% of these customers stayed happily subscribed to the app.

Here's our recipe:

  1. Solve the problems keeping customers from their ideal outcome

  2. Design those solutions to be profitable & scalable

  3. Deliver those services--with love--to other customers ❤️

With this approach, customers were the happiest and stayed longest. Plus they generated the most profit, case studies, and testimonials that attracted even more customers.

That's why I started UnlockTheROI. To help Service Businesses (like Consultants, Coaches, and Pro Services teams at startups) that are going through a similar journey as mine--with +10 years of experience problem solving for customers.

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Diego Barrera

Founder, UnlockTheROI™



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